Casino Deposit Options

Which deposit method should you choose when playing casino online for real money? There can sometimes be uncertainty about which method to use for your deposit at the casino. We explain some of them here.

Deposit Methods

There are several different deposit methods to choose from when playing casino online. The feeling may seem a little uncomfortable about disclosing their personal, credit card or bank account information online. However, online casinos today have become much better and more secure at handling your information and it is very difficult to succeed with online scams today. For example, you can not take someone's information, make a deposit and then withdraw money to another bank than the one from which you made your deposit. We tell you more about the deposit options below and what the difference is between them.


Deposit to your casino with Visa / Mastercard means that you can enter your card details. This method allows money to be transferred directly via your credit card to the casino. All casinos that we list at Casino offer this deposit method. Deposit with Visa / Mastercard is the most common deposit method when playing casino online. If this method is not available then you should check the casino overall as it does not feel serious and reliable.


Trustly is a direct transfer from your bank where you do not need to enter any credit card information. This method is very flexible and to verify you, it is enough if you have a BankID on your computer. It also works with mobile BankID on your phone / tablet. When you use Trustly, you first verify yourself with your social security number in combination with the BankID. You will then be logged in so that you can see your balance in your bank account. If you have several accounts, select the account from which you want to make your transfer. Then you can again verify the amount with your BankID that you want to move to the casino.


Skrill was formerly called Moneybookers and works as an E-wallet. When you register for Skrill, you get a bank account online. Some feel more secure in first making a transfer to Skrill from their regular bank account. You can, for example, easily do this with your Mastercard / Visa. Then you make a deposit to the casino from your Skrill account. In this way, your credit card information is never linked directly with the online casino that you have chosen to play at. This method takes a little longer as it is a two-step transfer. But if you have money in your Skrill account, it goes as fast as a regular transfer with Trustly or Mastercard / Visa.


Neteller is a competitor to Skrill. In the same way that you transfer money with Skrill to your online casino, you do the same with Neteller. Neteller is also an e-wallet that you transfer money to and then be able to shop online. Which of these two options is preferable is a bit up to each one. Both deposit methods are common at most online casinos.