I Bet My Spouse inside a Poker Game and Lost!

I am sure you will have heard poker tales such as this before…

A gambler is really much right into a game but winds up getting a poor streak. He loses his awesome and it is desperate to create a comeback, believing that the following hands would be the hands to create him. There he’s, without any more income to use the table. Exactly what does he do? He bets another thing of worth.

Recall the latest 007 flick, that we really labeled a texas holdem movie within an article just lately? Keep in mind that poker game between that Greek guy and Agent 007? Another guy bets his vehicle, certain he’d win. It was an Alfa Romeo, I don’t know, my memory is hazy (all I’m able to remember is Difficulties as 007). Anyhow, Bond wins the hands and also the vehicle, obviously.

Now you ask ,, performs this really take place in real existence?

You best accept is as true does!

Read this news clip from Avanova.com:

A Russian man lost his wife inside a bet on cards after putting her as a stake rather of money. Andrei Karpov, from Murmansk, had exhaust profit a game title of poker and offered his opponent his wife rather of money in which to stay the sport.

When Karpov lost the sport and the opponent, Sergey Brodov, switched as much as claim his winnings, his wife Tatiana am angry she made the decision to divorce her husband and began rapport with Brodov.

She’s since married Brodov, and stated she doesn’t regret departing her first husband.

She stated: “It had been humiliating and that i was absolutely ashamed. But when my ex-husband did which i understood I needed to leave him.

“Sergey would be a very handsome, charming man and i’m happy with him, even when he did ‘win’ me inside a poker game.”

Discuss crazy! In this point in time what you know already that setting up an individual as the stake would not be possible! Whenever you consider it, though, the entire factor sounds amusing, does not it? I am talking about it irks me that the guy would bet his wife as though he “owned” her (as if an individual can really own someone else). On the other hand, the wife departing him and marrying another guy – I am sorry however this just seems like something from a soap opera, or something like that in the Dark Ages!

No question individuals who aren’t into poker view it inside a negative light more often than not. Once they hear or read news similar to this, their eyes most likely come out in question, or possibly they shake their mind in dismay. On the other hand, this happened in Russia, where norms might be not the same as that of america or any other Countries in europe. It can make me consider Borat, you will know “Khazakstan journalist.”? It’s like something he’d do. Hopefully I’ve not offended anybody with my musings in the following paragraphs. I simply thought it was really amusing.

So guys, the next time you choose to set up your spouse like a bet, make certain that you simply win. Otherwise, you may just end up within the divorce courts!