Scratchcard Historical Game

If you want to trace the history of the scratch cards all the way back to their roots, there are of course lotteries and especially the earliest type of Keno we come across. Humans have been betting money on random numbers and symbol combinations for thousands of years, and scratch cards are basically the simplest form of such games. Modern lottery tickets, however, have a much younger and more documented history! Back in 1974, it was the Scientific Games Corporation that developed the first scratch card , then using a computer that produced random numbers. By the way, Scientific Games is one of the world's largest game developers in today's casino universe, and is behind a number of fabulous slot machines that you can try for free here at Casinos.

Since then, the development has been unstoppable, and countless types of scratch cards have appeared in American and European stores since the 80s. Many of these were inspired by various themes, including symbols that included the World Cup in football, cartoons from Marvel or various car manufacturers. The idea behind scratch cards was so simple that the cards spread around the world in an unbelievably short time . The biggest advantage, of course, was that you won immediately, instead of having to wait for a draw or similar events. Besides, money is not always the first prize - countless tickets have tempted players with cars, jewelery, cruises and luxury holidays.

You're just a minute away from your first online scratch card, did you know that? Yes, it does not take much more than a minute to register an account, make a deposit and buy a digital scratch card from one of our recommended players ! It is precisely this ease of use and unique accessibility that makes online scratch cards a popular option for players looking for lightning-fast excitement. It took a while, but these days scratch cards are in place at almost every online casino out there - from the smallest, themed casinos to the largest and most popular gaming portals. Online scratch cards offer a wealth of benefits . First of all, it is incredibly easy to buy them - whether you want to use your computer, mobile phone or tablet. The online scratch cards are also cheaper than the counterparts you find in the store, at least in most cases. Digital scratch cards look much better, in the sense that they can offer cool animations and great graphics. Such scratch cards ultimately have far higher chances of winning, since the number of wins is not limited. Yes, have you not heard of the countless cases where certain scratch cards in, among other places, England were sold in the shops even after all prizes were awarded? Online scratch cards do not have a fixed number of wins - the probability of winning is mathematically calculated and remains the same no matter how many tickets you buy or how many prizes have already been awarded.