Unique Battle of Slots

Casino tournaments No, it's called 'Battles. Battle of Slots. And this is unique product that they've spent years putting together. Now there are many indications that the forward-thinking online casino has really hit the mark. You have done something right when competitors and industry media both drool and talk loudly about your new product. But that's actually the situation for Malta - based VideoSlots right now. Casino tournaments have long been in demand, but it has somehow not been possible to let players compete for slot machines, spins and points. They all shook their heads, both the online casinos and the casino software operators. Was it really impossible to make tournaments for casino players? But that was when a Swede came on the field. The poker fever really took off when new potential players got the opportunity to participate in free tournaments with a guaranteed prize money. You got to try your hand at it, with minimal risk, and it created fertile ground for today's large poker community. And it is these footsteps that VideoSlots' management has followed. It's not about reinventing the dynamite, you just have to replace the charge. Damn, it smells like gunpowder already.

The layout provides security for the player. Feel free to call it a recognition factor, but even poker players like what they see. This is what they have seen before. It is easy to sign up for a 'Battle', and it is not impossible that these players will reminisce back to the old days when poker accounts were full of pounds, dollars and euros. We admit that we would have liked to have been a fly on the wall in the office when VideoSlots.com's owner Alexander Stevendahl worked on developing Battle of Slots. The counties has spent several years programming, testing, developing, changing and creating new models to adapt 'Battle of Slots' to today's demanding players. But guess if he has succeeded. Battle of Slots is actually a new development that can revolutionize the entire casino industry.

It has never been normal for two online casino players to have contact or communicate with each other while playing. But that time is over. Developments in social media and chat provide new opportunities for the gaming industry. Battle of Slots creates a new type of interaction, not only between players but also between players and the online casino's employees. You get faster service, and you get to know the latest news about promotions.