Digital roulette

Before, you could only dream of playing roulette from any country, since you actually had to travel far and long to find a land-based casino with a roulette table on the premises. Yes, even when slot machines were available at all gas stations and kiosks around the country, roulette and blackjack were banned . Nowadays, the situation is completely different, and it does not take more than a couple of minutes to register an account with a digital casino with a number of roulette tables available around the clock. The interest in roulette has completely waned in recent years, especially after the mobile casinos appeared - now you can even play roulette on your mobile or tablet , while sitting on the bus, waiting for the train or bored during the lunch break at work! The casino specialist even allows you to play roulette for free with play money, without any registration! It has become so easy to live out the dream of sitting in front of a classic roulette table and watching the little ball bounce around between the numbers.

You can bet on most things in roulette, so you can play around and find a balance between the risk and the winnings. If you bet that the ball ends up on a red number, the probability is 1/2, and your bet is therefore doubled if you win. Here it is important to remember that the zero will appear from time to time - this green number is therefore considered the "advantage of the house", and ensures that the casino receives an income. Keep this in mind when looking at the table above. You choose how much you want to bet on the roulette table. Your task is to lay out digital chips around on different numbers or combinations, and then cross your fingers in the hope that you guessed correctly. The chips vary in value from a few kroner to several thousand, so you can spend a penny on black or ten thousand kroner on your lucky number - the choice is yours, but you must understand the risk that comes with each bet. Smart roulette players choose to mix their bets, ie you bet, for example, a ten on one number, twenty kroner on black, five kroner on a column of 18 numbers, and five kroner on a combination of six numbers. This way you can suddenly win on one, two, three or all four of your bets, depending on how much luck you have.

Over the years, several different types of roulette have emerged, especially after it became so easy to launch them at online casinos out there. Various game developers are trying to come up with increasingly interesting, entertaining roulette variations, but the Casino Specialist recommends that you stick to classic European roulette - at least to begin with. These two variations will also appear from time to time.