Play Responsibly

Gambling is only fun when it is just another form of leisure. The moment they cease to be, they can become a problem, and also a very serious one. For this reason, it is essential to play responsibly, that is, to do it with self-control and knowing how to handle the situation at all times. The game should be synonymous with fun and never addiction. Therefore, playing at an online casino has to be a form of entertainment and not a necessity or a way of trying to get money at all costs.

From Safe Casinos we want to promote Responsible Gaming, that is, that practiced by users who maintain control, who have previously established time and money limits and who know when it is time to stop. Only in this way can you enjoy a healthy and fun gaming experience.

The main objective of gambling should be entertainment and the possibility of obtaining some extra money, but always without jeopardizing our emotional health and / or our economy. These limits must be insurmountable and for this reason Responsible Gaming is born, to promote healthy gaming practices. To contribute to this end, many online casinos have joined this cause.

How do casinos encourage Responsible Gambling?

Online casinos like also play a very important role in promoting Responsible Gaming. The legal gambling portals in Spain, that is, those that have the license of the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling, are fully committed to promoting Responsible Gambling. All of them have taken different measures to promote safe gaming practices.

Self-exclusion services: casinos offer their users the possibility to exclude themselves temporarily or permanently. The exclusion time periods may vary depending on each casino.

Time and money limits: Another option offered by casinos is to establish time and money limits so that once these limits have been exceeded, the user cannot continue playing. In the case of money, some casinos allow you to limit the amount that is deposited, while others limit the amount that is bet.

Regular warnings: in many cases, especially when playing slots, casinos allow the user to choose how often they want to be warned. Likewise, you can also be notified when you have lost or played x amount of money.

Access to gaming history: It is important to have full access to your casino gaming history. In this way you will know exactly what your results have been and you will have a joint vision of how you have done in general.

Responsible gambling test: many gambling portals have a responsible gambling test on their web pages that you can carry out whenever you want to know if you have risky behavior or, conversely, you follow healthy guidelines.