Online Scratch Cards

Online scratch cards are very easy to play and most people have experience with regular scratch cards, which makes it an easy game to start with as a beginner online. Although the games are often simple in their design, it is possible to win very large amounts with rather small stakes. and other games.

Popular with scratch cards online

Buying scratch cards online has been possible for quite some time and it quickly became popular. This was one of the first games online and then usually on specialized sites that only had different scratch cards. There is today a very good selection of scratch cards if you want to scratch online. On many casino sites you can find a large number of different scratch cards even though all new slot machines have taken over as the most popular games online.

Some online scratch cards are reminiscent of Trisslotter while many are completely unique and more reminiscent of exciting mini-games. In this article you can read all about scratch cards on the internet and also about many other scratch cards. Scratch cards are not a classic casino game, although many casinos also have a number of scratch cards. Some casino players may not think that online casinos should have scratch cards in their offerings, but since some players like different types of games, it can be practical to be able to play them in the same place. Just like some casinos also offer bingo, lotto and odds.

Scratch tickets online

An online scratch card works just like a regular physical scratch card, but instead of scraping off an outer layer with your fingernail, you scratch the card with the mouse on the computer or with your finger on the mobile phone. more advanced features.

It is simply a matter of scratching out a number of similar symbols in order for it to be a win. When you are going to scratch lots online, it is first important to choose the lot you prefer, which is not always so easy as there are usually many different ones to choose from. Most often, however, you can start with the ones that are most popular or take one that is reminiscent of a scratch card you have scratched before.

Once you have chosen which lot you want to scratch, you buy it for the money you have in your gaming account. If you have no money in the account, you must first make a deposit. You can often get a bonus to buy a ticket for or you can completely sonic get a couple of free scratch cards when you open a new gaming account. On your first deposit, you also often get a welcome bonus that allows you to buy a few scratch cards extra. In practice, this means that you get more money to play for.