Progressive Jackpots

Jackpot slot machines have undeniably thrived since they made their first appearance in casinos in 1986. They made even more progress 10 years later, when hand in hand with the phenomenal Internet, modern online casinos were born, game developers have exploited all of this, providing an incredible opportunity for bonus properties. Currently there are especially striking online slots thanks to its simply exaggerated jackpot, although getting it is extremely difficult.

What is an Accumulated Jackpot or Progressive Jackpot?

A progressive Jackpot is nothing more than a prize or amount of money offered as a reward for a play. As a primary feature, the payout amount is progressively increasing with each bet, hence its name progressive. This jackpot is valid for certain types of games, but is often related to slot games. Regardless of which, the Progressive Jackpots are usually the biggest and most important prizes for the games in question.

There are three types of accumulated jackpots:

Those that are inside a slot machine individually. The amounts are generally low, reaching tens of thousands of euros.

Those that occur within a particular casino. Several slots of the same game are connected. The prizes are larger and can reach several hundred thousand euros.

Those that are provided in various online casinos globally. Slots connect across a network. This is the biggest prize you can hope for. The amounts often exceed millions of euros.

How does the Progressive Jackpot work?

The guidelines for jackpot slots continue to be essentially the same as for standard games. It focuses on one single play at a time, trying to reach the winning combination that awards the jackpot. In order to qualify for the pot it is commonly forced to place the maximum bet. The accumulated amount of the pot is usually displayed on the screen of the game being played.

It is typical that the game jackpot starts with a previously established amount, which traditionally amounts to a few thousand euros. As we have mentioned, this amount increases as the players bet. When any lucky player wins the jackpot, the prize returns to the initially defined value.

The accumulated cans sometimes reach enormous quantities. They regularly walk in several hundred thousand euros, an amount that can undoubtedly transform your life. However, there is no game strategy that can increase your chances of winning other than choosing the jackpot slot and playing at maximum bets.

Hitting a progressive jackpot is similar to winning on standard slots. Rotate the cylinders and wait for the correct symbols to appear. You must remember that if the prize is increasing it does not mean that it is more likely to win it. The odds of winning are always the same. It occurs when a player conquers the exact combination of symbols in the game.