Online Casino Bonuses

Most online casinos offer welcome bonuses that are added to the player's account. These bonuses are usually in the range of 20% - 200% of the deposit, but sometimes up to 600%. Along with the bonus comes a wagering requirement , but by playing games with a low house edge (advantage to the casino) an intelligent online casino player can realistically go from casino to casino and expect to make a profit on a regular basis. A land-based casino can offer players e.g. hotel rooms, meals, entertainment tickets and gifts, but as a rule it is only for those who play too much. The welcome bonuses at online casinos are for everyone and beat most offers you will find at land-based casinos.

As I said, it comes with a wagering requirement for the bonuses you getonline casino . You usually have to play through your bonus 4 - 30 times before you can make withdrawals. Eg. you deposit $ 100 and get $ 100 in bonus. Betting requirements are 8 times the bonus, ie $ 800. You must then wager $ 800 before you can withdraw the bonus and winnings. Eg. you play with $ 5 at a time. You lose $ 5, your balance is $ 195. Then you win $ 5 and your balance is $ 200. You have now wagered $ 10, $ 790 again before you have met the wagering requirement.

If you play the optimal blackjack strategy , you will be able to meet the betting requirement and only lose a few dollars. You will have around $ 180 left in our example when you have a turnover of $ 800. You can then withdraw $ 180, on a deposit of $ 100. This is of course unpopular with the casinos and they may consider this as an abuse of bonus. To avoid problems with that, I recommend that you turn over at least 2-3 times more than the wagering requirement. Using the optimal blackjack strategy, the player will still be left with a win. Well what the player will be left with also depends on the size of the bet. If a player's bet is small and he or she makes many small bets, the chances of him ending up around the expected houseedge are high. If the player plays larger bets, the chances of losing money or winning are greater. As I said, casinos do not think anything of this form of bonus hunting. This has been popular in some countries and has made it so that many casinos do not allow blackjack games to meet the requirement. This has been especially popular in Denmark and Danish players are today excluded from many good online casinos. And I do not recommend such a bonus hunt. I think the bonus is rather a good help to replenish your account so you can play more and have a better chance of getting big wins.