Online Casino Winnings

Taking out your winnings is actually very easy. There are many methods to choose from, so perhaps the biggest problem is just that. Taking out your winnings is an important part of playing online. You do not have to make a withdrawal after each game session. The casino remembers your balance and you can have it at the casino for as long as you want. But sometimes you want to take the money out of the casino and it is usually very easy. You must go to the cashier at the casino to choose which method you want the money sent to. You as a player must always be aware that the different casinos have different rules for withdrawals. Some casinos have minimum and maximum withdrawal limits. Therefore, it is wise to familiarize yourself with the rules even before you make a deposit. Some casinos will also ask you for proof of correct ID. This means that you must submit a copy of identification. This is only needed for your first withdrawal.

When the casino starts carrying out your withdrawal, they will first check if you are allowed to do so. This may mean that they check that they have received a copy of the ID and that you have met the wagering requirements if you have received a bonus. Then they will check the method you have chosen. Usually they will put the money back with the same method that you made the deposit with. In the past, it was common for casinos to put their money back on the same bank card you used for deposits. This is no longer common due to various laws and not least for customers the new banking law where this is not the law.

Other possible forms of withdrawal are check and bank transfer. Check takes the longest time, often it takes 2-4 weeks to receive the check in the mail. You get a fee of around 100-200 in the bank to redeem the check. Bank transfer is faster (2-7 days) and the fee here is often from 20 - 100 kroner depending on the size of the amount. We recommend withdrawals for web wallets. It is fastest and cheapest. From here you can easily deposit money at other casinos, shop online or easily make withdrawals to your bank account. These are also not affected by the new Banking Act. It applies to direct transfers to and from venues from banks and e-money providers. So deposits and withdrawals with a bank card will not be allowed. Withdrawals by bank transfers and checks, we reckon that for the most part will go ok. Because they are not treated directly with the venue via another payment intermediary that is not from the same country.