Play here Digital roulette

Before, you could only dream of playing roulette from Norway, since you actually had to travel far and long to find a land-based casino with a roulette table on the premises. Yes, even when slot machines were available at all gas stations and kiosks around the country, roulette and blackjack were banned . Nowadays, the situation is completely different, and it does not take more than a couple of minutes to register an account with a digital casino with a number of roulette tables available around the clock.People have been trying to find "perfect" strategies in roulette for hundreds of years, ever since roulette tables became known to the general public. All these so-called strategies, on the other hand, have failed, due to one important detail.

Roulette is a mathematical game, and as you know, you can not "trick" the mat. The numbers do not lie, and unless you manage to manipulate the roulette wheel itself, you will never be able to win money without risk , as so many scammers out there claim to be able to teach you. You will probably hear about the Martingale strategy, the controversial D'Alembert strategy or the idiotic Fibonacci system that uses the name of the well-known Italian mathematician to strengthen his own illusion. All the roulette strategies out there stretch their roots to something called "Gambler's fallacy",a misguided mindset that is common among casino players - it is easy to believe that "if red wins three times in a row, black must win next time". This is completely wrong, since each round of roulette is completely independent of the previous outcomes.

When you want to play roulette online, it hardly takes more than a few minutes before you have a number of different options in front of you. Here, however, you may be surprised, because among these roulette tables you will also find completely real live broadcasts from various casinos! This is called live roulette , and has become extremely popular in recent years. Live roulette lets you place digital chips on a real, physical roulette table controlled by real, physical people, so-called live dealers, on the other side of the screen! However, live roulette cannot be played with play money, so remember to practice well before you start. However, when you are confident enough to play roulette with real money, the Casino Specialist recommends that you set aside some time for live roulette at your chosen online casino.