Professional Blackjack Players

Every day, millions of people play blackjack online and at land-based casinos around the world. Only a handful of these players will become professional blackjack players and reach the iconic status of being a blackjack legend. Players who actually succeed in becoming professional blackjack players have a long way to go before they can call themselves blackjack legends. This title is reserved for the pioneers of blackjack card counting and blackjack card counting teams who are also members of the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

Suddenly, every few years, a new player enters the stage and can impress everyone around them with their great blackjack skills and big wins. Below are some professional blackjack players from both the past and present who have managed to make a lasting impression. Not all players who enter a casino with large amounts of money can be considered a professional player. A professional player is one who has gambling as a livelihood. Blackjack games make up their main income which is used to support themselves and their families.Being a professional blackjack player is not as glamorous as being a professional poker player since blackjack is played against the casino and not against other players. This is why the countless poker tournaments around the world and the fact that the biggest poker players have celebrity status. The same cannot be said of professional blackjack players. Although there has been an increase in blackjack tournaments in recent years, it is still a game where players compete against the dealer and therefore it will not have the same huge appeal as poker.

There are a handful of blackjack players who will always be remembered. These are the men who made the game so great and who caused so many of us to dream of a career as professional blackjack players and live a life of luxury as a result of the casino. This man started playing blackjack in the late 1970s and has almost 40 years behind him with successful blackjack games. He still handles blackjack playing teams around the world with great success and is considered one of the foremost, current blackjack players.